Rolex Golden autumn tennis feast to lead the wave of elegant precision movement

September 23, 2012 to October 7, the annual China Open tennis tournament held in the National Tennis Center, this is the world's top watch brand replica watches uk and the Chinese tennis tournament in the seventh hand in hand; 6 to 14, the top tennis tournament Shanghai Rolex Masters, such as about to the world's top watch brand Rolex to continue its title sponsorship of the brilliant pace Rolex to support the Open September 23, 2012 to October 7, the annual China Open tennis tournament held in the National Tennis Center, this is the world's top watch brand Rolex and the seventh of China's tennis open hand in hand, as the General Assembly designated Timepiece. Rolex spokesperson Li Na strong return to the local track, attracting the attention of the audience, in addition, more including Rolex spokesman Wozniacki, Ivanovic and many other stars, a show style. In the men's players, the current network once again attracted to Rolex spokesman Tsonga and other top players to join the world's top 30 weeks of registration players have come to Beijing to participate in more than half. China Open was founded in 2004, the annual session held in Beijing on a regular basis. After intense competition this year, Rolex spokesperson Li Na in the semi-finals, strong WTA year-end finals quarterfinals, she will be October 23 -28 days and the other seven women's top tennis players converge in Istanbul, for their wonderful 2012 season draw a full point. October 6, 2012 to 14, the top tennis tournament Shanghai Rolex Masters, such as about to, at the Shanghai Qizhong Forest Sports City Tennis Center. The world's top watch brand rolex replica to continue its title sponsorship of the glorious pace, as the tournament official timepieces, and for the championship players Rolex Oyster Perpetual MILGAUSS watch. Rolex has been committed to the cause of tennis with China to establish close contact and support its development effort. The Shanghai Rolex Masters is the highest level ATP tournament after the four majors, the champion can get 1000 points, only 9 points a year in the world, the Rolex Masters is the only stop in Asia, since 2009 , In the tireless support of Rolex, this event won the "ATP Masters of the Year" award. This year's Masters can be described as tennis stars shining Shanghai, the Chinese audience fully aware of the extraordinary charm from tennis. According to ATP rules, the world's top 45 men will automatically qualify for the tournament, while the top 20 men will compete, including rolex brand spokesmen Roger Federer, Joe Wilfred • Tsonga and dozens of tennis star, they are in the arena of the king style and Rolex brand connotation complement each other. Particularly striking is that when Federer qualify for the quarter-finals, he officially entrenched himself in the world throne of the time record rewrite to 300 weeks, once again proved himself in the top of the powerful tennis influence. (Photo copyright Rolex / Gianni Ciaccia) It is worth mentioning that, on October 6, 2012, this year's Shanghai Rolex Masters lottery site located in the Shanghai Bund 27, the Rolex world (the Rolex Experience) held. Mr. Chen Yiping, Deputy Director of Shanghai Organizing Committee, Mr. Jiang Lan, General Manager of Shanghai Jiushi International Event Management Co., Ltd., Mr. Lu Huayong, Director of Shanghai Rolex Masters, and World No. 1 Roger Federer, Hewitt attended the draw. (Photo copyright Rolex / Gianni Ciaccia) In the pursuit of passion, excellence and precision, the rolex replica brand and the corresponding sports and cultural and artistic career to establish close ties. Therefore, in the late 70s of last century, Rolex began to participate in tennis, the Wimbledon Tennis Championships designated timer. Rolex is the co-sponsor and official timepiece of the annual Australian Grand Slam - the Australian Grand Slam. Each year in April the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters star-studded tennis the best players in this overlooking the clay courts over the Mediterranean ATP 1000 World Tour Masters tournament title. Rolex in 2009 sponsored the first session of the Shanghai ATP Masters 1000, the game was named the best of the year, is the first to win the Young Masters. Since 2010, Rolex has become the event's title sponsor. In the other ATP Masters 1000, Rolex sponsors include: Muta Madrid Open, Italy Labor Bank, Rogers Cup, BNP Paribas Masters. In addition, Rolex also sponsored, including China Open, Dubai Tennis Championships and the Basel indoor tournament, including a number of world-renowned tennis tournament. At the same time, Rolex also sponsored men's and women's tennis tournament annual finals: ATP World Tour Finals and WTA Championships. The top eight men and women singles and doubles players will participate. Outside the arena, Rolex also supports the Davis Cup organized by the International Tennis Federation, as well as in the United States, Newport grassland stadium in the annual Campbell Hall of Fame Tennis Championships to participate in the legend of the tournament players are international tennis Hall of Famer. More than 25 years as Rolex spokesperson for the Australian legend John David Newcombe to enter the Hall of Fame in 1986. Rolex outstanding spokesmen in tennis, including the Swiss world number one Roger Federer. Federer ranked first in the world for 300 consecutive weeks, won 17 Grand Slam singles titles and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games tennis doubles gold medal. Like Rolex, tennis needs absolute precision and durability, from 2001 to cooperate with Rolex on the tennis game control over any player in history, and his opponent's players are also the most able to confirm his unquestionable ability. Rolex and Danish player Caroline Wozniacki side by side, she from October 2010 to January 2012 ranked first in the WTA world. Earlier, Wozniacki won the 2006 Wimbledon Junior Championship championship. In addition, the world champion with Rolex also Anna Ivanovic, Joe - Wilfred Tsonga, Juan Martin del Potro. Rolex spokesperson Li Na, is the first to win the Grand Slam champion Asian countries players, she rewrote the tennis history. The world's leading Swiss watch leader Rolex eternal pursuit of excellence, elegant and accurate tennis particularly favor, watchmaking and tennis to perfect the common pursuit of Rolex and tennis to work closely together. (Photo copyright Rolex / Kenzaburo Fukuhara)