Thin wrist we have to block a small square table

Has more than once for the 42 mm large dial of the mighty dumping, but also by the Peking opera big face like the shock of the disk design, unfortunately, often put such a bar in the hands of wrist to find how so fine ah, table Ears almost beyond the boundaries of the wrist, and a sense of frustration can not control the wells, perhaps Asians are not suitable for manipulating the broader market. How to do it? Thin wrist we have to block a small square table This is the case, even though we adhere to exercise, practicing a good chest and biceps, but the thickness of the wrist is completely born, how to practice the day after tomorrow is also the game, unless you want to wear the table on the arm. So when you put a large and thick steel table, you will find that lugs across the wrist, case and strap showing a inverted triangle connected state, which is taboo, that this table is not for you . Because when you lift the wrist in the crowd was about to show off the new table when the heavy dial will be very disappointing to slip to the side of the wrist, like a child when you are wearing Dad's big shoes on the ground Tara, . Europe and the United States generally more sturdy bones, and some of us a good visual impression of the broader market table is likely to be in Europe, the pub to see a big hair with a wrist to wear a large wrist wrist pieces, or a Steel chain Rolex, that is really perfect, hairy in the visual sense of the arm will be more rough, hair out of the strap, table and wrist seamless. While the Asians generally small skeleton and fair complexion, wearing a large steel table on the town could not live, there will be some greater than the overall sense, unless you revel in this show off, let the table before your face into the other line of sight. Select the table must be started to wear, and sometimes from the magazine to see a very favorite table, really do not find suitable for their own time to replica watches buy. For example, I have always admired the Portuguese series, the atmosphere and elegant, very clean disk. But because this series is used in the past watch movement, so the disk are more than 40 mm, a wear to find too much. Indeed, some people like to wear a large table pull the wind, but in the eyes of others, your table does not grow in the body, like from whom borrowed, overshadowed your personal charm, really taste men will not allow such things happen, Must be subtle display. In recent years, the Chinese people as the momentum of the purchase table is too fierce, the big names in Europe have begun to revise a few years ago, the disk style, the size reduced to 38 mm or so, to adapt to the size of people. But the author after repeated research and comparison, found or small square disk table is more suitable for wrist thinner man, elegant, and rectangular case at both ends fell more easily fit hand type, whether it is bare wear, or hidden in Cuffs, all seem so calm. The following to you recommend several classic square table. In fact, when I said a small square table at the same time, my mind reflects the screen is the product family Reverso series flip table. This legendary watch came out in the 1930s, flip is to prevent the disk when playing polo crush, from its crowd can be seen for its aristocratic temperament. Small and exquisite, in the process and movement design impeccable, worthy of the entire watch manufacturing history of the classic. Emphasize that the square case must be with the square of the movement on behalf of the level of development of manufacturers, to find a circular movement stuffed square shell, can only be regarded as a compromise, but also with the parts to the movement fixed. Grande Reverso Calendar Large Reverso calendar flip watch, in addition to hours, minutes display also added week, month, date and moon phase display. Through the sapphire crystal bottom cover to savor the manual winding mechanical movement exquisite workmanship. Rose gold case with a brown crocodile strap is absolutely perfect, but also recommended without moon phase Reverso steel function table, not too complicated, the kind of replica watches uk volume and shape has been very temperament. Imagine, even in the summer wearing a polo shirt and big shorts, a small belt on your hand table will firmly put you in the circle of the gentleman, surrounded by those who wear pressure electronic multi-functional IT men are not . (Left 1) I also have a big love brand is Lange, its level of technology and movement development capacity has been in the industry enjoyed a high reputation. This rectangular "Cabaret Tourbillon" stop-second function Tourbillon table called a masterpiece. Slender case in every corner, and precision movements are fully consistent, its original is to make the tourbillon according to the user's desire to instantly stop, becoming the first one with stop-second function tourbillon watch. Ting Shuo edge line with a solemn, black dress with Lange did not rule. (Left 2) Patek Philippe 5101 series of ultra-complex function Tourbillon watch. Although Patek Philippe is the most memorable is the white half of the needle plate shape, but really feel that this rectangular table is more elegant, 5101R is the only integrated Patek Philippe Tourbillon and 10 long power reserves of the watch. Three-layer superimposed rose gold case is very gorgeous, just showing a gray platinum rhodium-plated dial and look, to avoid too much publicity. (Left 3) Cartier's Santos series table is an evergreen table, is really the most wild of a table, regardless of fat and thin, outgoing or introverted, put on are appropriate, both masculine contours and powerful large Rivets, but also interspersed with some soft lines, even if the men wear Santos men are not significantly unexpected. Very suitable as your first high-level watch. This section is stainless steel plus 18K gold material. (Left 4) Mentioned square table, it is rolex replica no longer mention the Cartier family of tanks. For the first time in 1922, according to the watch can be seen sketches, watchcase design inspiration comes from overlooking the shape of the tank body, the case on both sides of the border is like a tank of aluminum, the engagement men and women really choose what to buy On the table, buy it. This is a "US tank" based on the rose gold floating tourbillon table. (Left 5)